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The Dutch cruiser line was one of the most anticipated lines of the year, and Wargaming did not disappoint. So far, we’ve had the Tier 6 Hr.Ms. Johan de Witt , Tier 7 Hr.Ms. Van Nes , Tier 10 Hr.Ms. Zuiderkruis , and the Tier 8 Hr.Ms. Evertsen , and now, the final ship in the line, Hr.Ms. Van Galen , is almost ready. However, we have come across some inaccuracies in the preliminary stats of the ships: the stats for the armor penetration and rate of fire of the 155 mm/60 guns on the Zuiderkruis and Van N

Making an entirely new ship and line of ships is a very big endeavor. With any new ship and line of ships, there are bound to be some inaccuracies. The following blog post will mention these inaccuracies, and they will be used as a basis for a future blog post on how to make sure your ships are historically accurate. For this blog post, please include the following: 1. The inaccuracies of the Dutch Cruisers 2. A quote from an actual Dutch Admiral 3. An infographic of the inaccuracies 4. Recommendations on how to make sure these inaccuracies do not occur again 5. A quote from an actual English Admiral 6. A quote from an actual German Admiral 7. A

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Here I publish my findings on the historical inaccuracies in the current design of the new Dutch cruisers.

Although it was mentioned that the deviation was made to maintain the integrity and balance of the game, the vast degree of neglect of research and adherence to historical documents makes the author suspect that Wargaming is being dishonest about adhering to advertised historical accuracy.

I also want to express my displeasure at the lack of explicit disclosure of what wargaming development is and what historical source material is. – Which, in a game that is supposed to be historical, could be considered cheating.

It should be noted that these vessels are still in the development and testing phase and nothing is final. So Wargaming is not yet responsible for the introductions (but I will keep them in reserve after release). However, due to the above development, I would like to quickly report the inconsistencies to Wargaming so they can be resolved before release.

Lack of information about visual aids contains many points regarding visual aesthetics that are not in line with the publication of preliminary information on Dutch ships. The information about historical accuracy in the post is not always accurate, such as assuming certain ships represent certain designs, or citing unverifiable sources, but it gives a general idea of the disdain for visuals and goes into detail, albeit in a more informal setting.


MST – NL-HaNA 4e MST (Dutch Archive)

MB – Marine magazine

NN – Netherlandsnavy (website)

NP – Navipedia (website)

NW – Navweaps (website)

WI – Washington International (magazine)

CMDZP – Ships of the Royal Netherlands Navy in words and pictures : The Seven Provinces, Chris Mark

RDWG – Robert O. Dulin, William H. Garzke – British, Soviet, French and Dutch battleships of World War II – Jane’s Publishing Co. (1980)

# ? → Lack of source. (aka no source found mentions a specific case, but lack of evidence cannot be used as proof), ergo is questioned by wargaming.

# ! → Quotation required

* → In the absence of supporting sources, this is assumed to be a fictional construct for wargaming.

Van Kinsbergen


The AA schedule doesn’t make sense. In Gelderland, no ship of the Holland class seems to have a well for 12.7 mm 8×1 machine guns. In 1933-1934 Gelderland received 5 additional machine guns (revision 1933, revision 1934), but only 7 in total, which in 1935 consisted of 2 Schwarzlose, 1 Madsen, 2 Lewis, 1 Browning 12.7 mm and 1 Vickers 40 mm. # ?


The Java Class was designed for a speed of 31 kt, no source has been found that gives a speed higher than 31 kt, except Wayer’s pocket book, but still no 33 kt. # ? (WG said to fix it).

The 12.7 mm Brownings were not added until after the 1935 reconstruction. The Vickers machine guns would be replaced by AA machine guns (General survey of ships and vessels of war on the 1st of July 1934 (0000058869) + 1935 (0000061850) + MB 40 1925 Nr. 2 Pg. 63 + Maritiem Digitaal A/003a/386 )

De Ruyter

The 40mm Bofors at the rear must be double mounted. (4.MST_3236)

Used a Bofors M/32, although the fleet never used such an anti-aircraft gun. # ?

The De Ruyter should have been equipped with two 50-caliber machine guns, not just one. (NP, confirmed by NN)

Absence of 4 Lewis guns ( Regerings-almanak voor Nederlandsch-Indië, 1939, Part : 1, pg. 416 & Jaarboek van de Koninklijke Marine 1937 pg. 82 )


Wargaming is indirectly suspected of being fake (
– image forum chat).

The description indicates that this is a development of the Java-class designed in 1938, although no such ship had been designed in 1938. # ?

Used a Bofors M/32, although the fleet never used such an anti-aircraft gun. # ?


Until 1938 the buildings of Kijkduin had three towers under the fuselage. (4TH MST 3314)

The MSP was 78,000, not 85,000, but can be interpreted as 78,000+ (CMDZP).

The caliber of the Kiikduin’s main rebar was 15 cm (149.1 mm), not 152 mm (NN, NW).

Kiikduin must have torpedoes (MST 3314)

The AA complex of Kiikduin on the sides should be 4×2 12.7 mm, not 40 mm Bofors (MST 3314).

Has American SG and SC radars, although Dutch ships have only English type 277 radars and Dutch type 282 and 293 radars with English Yagi antennas. (NP – especially Trump)


It was reportedly developed in 1945, but construction of the 1938/1939 Cruiser did not begin until 1946 in Bath. (Jordan, Warship 2019, CMDZP)

The D models from before the armament (May 46) had torpedo tubes. (STD, miscellaneous on 3311, stop on 3312)

Share with Kijkduin questions about power and radar.

The design does not match any of the images in the archives. (MST)

The model has a diesel engine shaft despite the lack of a diesel engine number?


The year of design is indicated as 1944, although the Netherlands had no room for the design of this ship. # !

The year of construction is given as 1944, but she is equipped with German main armament, although the Dutch government is at war with that country. # !

The year of development is given as 1944 and the secondary armament as Bofors, although Sweden was neutral and not allowed to export to the Netherlands. # !

Johan de Witt*

It is described as a smaller project 1047 with a design year of 1945, but the project was abandoned after the German invasion in 1940. # !

If the description refers to the 16,000-ton design of the Washington, it is impossible that it has a maximum displacement of 23,703 tons. (NN, WI)

The arc wire should decrease to 15 mm and not remain at 30 mm (NN, WI: fig. D 1 b)

No steering protection on rear shield (NN, WI: dawing D 1 b)

The maximum speed of the 1047 in temperate waters was 34 knots, not 32.1 knots. In the case of a 16,000-tonne ship, the maximum speed should be 29 knots or more. (NN, WI)

The corner bridge of the citadel should be 30 mm, not 25 mm (NN, WI: Figure D 1 b).

The maximum displacement of the Johan de Witt is 23,703 tons (note, this is a fully loaded displacement, not a standard displacement), well below the required standard displacement of 25,000 tons (MB 55 1940 no. 1 p. 25).

His speed, armor and weapons are impossible according to Ir. Gunning’s comment. (MB 55 1940 No. 1 page 49)

The model has a diesel engine shaft despite the lack of a diesel engine number?

The Golden Lion*

The ship is supposed to be project 1047, but with a length of 227.4 m it is shorter than all Dutch naval projects. (NN, RDWG, WI)

The armament should be a 28cm C/28, although there are no sources for this armament. # ?

The weapons have a German designation, although the Dutch used their own designations. # !

The 28 cm C/28 gun was a 50 caliber, not a 54. (NW)

The weight of the AP projectile must be 315 kg, not 330 kg (NN, WI, NW)

The speed of the projectile was 900 m/s, not 890 m/s (NN, WI, NW).

The arc wire should decrease to 15 mm and not remain at 30 mm (NN, WI: fig. D 1 b)

The corner bridge of the citadel should be 30 mm, not 25 mm (NN, WI: Figure D 1 b).

The maximum speed should be 34 knots, not 33.5 knots (NN, WI).

The AA brackets were twins, not single brackets (NN, RDWG, WI, Teek. X4).

The ship model has no planes or catapult (NN, RDWG, WI, Teek. X4)

The model has a diesel engine shaft despite the lack of a diesel engine number?

De Zeven Provinciën

Turrets under fire should not have rangefinders or sea support beams. (MST 3393: Tek. M23, NIMH 2009-013-131_006 )


The next section, though smallest in length, contains the most erogenous neglect of the study. The presence of a criminal record should be a red flag.

The following ships have fictional elements or missing features in their design that are different from all other ships of their class found in the sources listed in the library section:

V – Sulawesi : Body of the bow.

VII – Eendracht : bow superstructure, funnel, catapult, stern superstructure

VIII – Haarlem : Bow superstructure, funnel, possibly 12 cm director, no catapult.

IX – Johan de Witt: no bridge, no chimney, no catapult, but a hangar.

X – Golden Lion : Vaulted superstructure, no bridge, no funnel, no catapult, although there is a hangar.


The markings of the Fokker T.V. were not intended as neutrality markings in peacetime. # !

De Ruyter and Eendracht flight markers may not be peacetime neutrality markers. # !

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There’s a lot to look forward to in 2020 in the world of video games. Here are fifteen games to look forward to in the first half of 2020.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about wows dev blog and let us know what you think.

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