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Five years after the events of Mass Effect 1, Commander Shepard returns as humanity’s first Spectre in Mass Effect 2. With the help of Liara, a former Shadow Broker, and the prothean expert, Javik, the team sets out to stop a Reaper called Sovereign and its army, using a device called the Crucible. Bookmark: Bookmark: Blog: Video Link: Summary: – The customer was very happy with the result and asked for more; I said I’d

Want to know how to recruit the character Garrus in Mass Effect? In this article we will tell you how to complete Citadel: Garrus and recruit him. First you have to complete some missions. You will have to destroy the Geth Dreadnought, rescue the crew of the Normandy, kill the Geth that kidnapped the crew and you will have to complete the mission of the Rachni Queen. The mission of the Rachni Queen is easy. You only have to go to the Rachni Queen’s base. The base is in the other side of the planet. You will find the Rachni Queen after a big fight…

When you arrive at the Citadel and report to the Council what happened on Eden Prime, they don’t want to hear about Saren’s betrayal in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. You’ll have to find evidence to show them the truth, and one of the clues you can look for is Garrus, the turian C-SEC officer who handled the case. He believes your story and that Saren is hiding something, but has found no evidence. Captain Anderson says to look for Harkin in the Horus camp.

Where to find Harkin

The lair of Horus is in the lower chambers. You can walk from the Citadel Tower into the Presidio and then walk down the Wards Access Trail. There are two pairs of elevators you have to go through before you get to the upper markets.


When you’re on the upper markets, go through the door to the right into the alleyway, then right again where you can enter the lair of Horus. They find Harkin alone at a table in the back room.


Conversation with Harkin

Harkin won’t greet you when you arrive. At the end of the conversation, he tells you that Captain Anderson was once a spreader. You can investigate further by talking to him, or asking him directly to tell you where Garrus is.

We strongly suggest you ask Harkin where Garrus is. There are no branching dialogues or ways to upgrade your Paragon or Renegade status. End the conversation and go to the medical clinic where Garrus was examined.

Looking for Garrus in the medical centre

From the hideout of Horus, you can go the same way to the medical center. You have to go back down the aisle to the rooms, and the medical clinic is at the bottom right of the map.


When you arrive, several thugs are rude to the doctor who runs the practice, Dr. Michel. If you enter, they will try to grab him, which gives Garrus, who ducks under a wall, time to shoot the leader in the head. This will turn into a fight and you will have to eliminate the remaining bandits. When they’re gone, talk to Garrus.

He will congratulate you on the shot and you can praise or reprimand him for his efforts. Dr. Michelle reports that she is fine and explains the situation and why the men were there. She discovers that the men work for Fisk, a shadowy figure who works for the station.

Dr. Michel is treating an injured quarian at the station. The Quarian had information on Saren that she wanted to share with the Shadow Broker, and she contacted Fisk. But Fisk no longer works for the Shadow Broker, he has defected to Saren’s side. It is thought that the Quarian probably has proof that Saren betrayed the Council. Garrus offers to help you with that and join your group.

Should you hire Garrus?

This is your chance to choose whether or not to include Garrus in your group. Throughout the Mass Effect series, he is one of the main characters and becomes one of Shepard’s best friends and a potential love interest in Mass Effect 2 if you play a female Shepard. You might not hire him right away, but he’ll be a mandatory character in Mass Effect 2. It also has some of the best dialogue.

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