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How To Fix Loud Graphics Card Fans? – Guide 2022

Do you have a graphics card that is constantly loud? It can be very frustrating, especially if you are trying to watch a movie or play an intense game. The good news is there are several things you can do to fix the problem of loud graphics cards fans. In this post, I will go over the different ways to make your computer fan quieter. I’ll also give some examples of why it might be making so much noise and how these fixes should resolve those issues.  

Why Are My Graphics Card Fans Loud?

There are a number of reasons why your fans might be loud. In most cases, it isn’t anything major, but you should proceed through the entire post until your problem is resolved to rule out everything. If you have been putting off fixing this issue for a while, now is the time to take care of it before it turns into something worse and more expensive.

First, it might be due to dust buildup. If you have been using the computer for a long time, this is probably what’s going on. It can also be caused by a lack of cleaning from your side or an irregular type of dust build-up which you will have to have serviced professionally in most cases.

If that doesn’t seem to be the problem then another thing that could cause loud graphics card fans is a loose fan blade or a malfunctioning fan itself. If you are able to take off the casing and see the fan blades move when it’s at full speed but they aren’t spinning smoothly, they probably need to be cleaned or replaced.

In some rare cases, your graphics card could simply be defective and in need of a replacement. Before you do anything, make sure it isn’t an easy fix by going over the list below and trying each possible solution.

How to Fix Loud Graphics Card Fans

Below are several different methods that should resolve any issues your graphics card fan is having and get the computer quiet again. If one of these suggestions doesn’t work or if you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section at the end of this article. I will try my best to help you find a solution to your specific issue!

Method 1: Update Graphics Driver

For most people, updating their graphics driver is usually a good place to start when there is a problem with loud graphics card fans. First, open up your device manager in Windows by pressing the Start key, typing Device Manager, and pressing Enter. Then, expand Display Adapter > NVIDIA GeForce GTX 5XXX Series. Right-click on the graphics card name in question and choose Update Driver Software.

If there are any updates to be had, choose to apply after you download them. This should resolve any issues related to outdated drivers that might not have been installed correctly when you first got them.

Method 2: Clean Graphics Fan

Cleaning graphics cards fans is one of the easiest fixes for this problem if room allows. First, unplug all power cords from your computer. Make sure that no areas where you’ll be working on the case are exposed to excessive heat or moisture as they can damage your computer. 

Using a can of compressed air, blow out any dust build-up you see on the heatsink and in between the fans. Take care when doing this as to not mess with the wiring or touch any other components while it’s plugged in to make sure there are no accidents. You should also try using an LCD cleaning wipe on the fan blades if they seem dirty or dusty. If that doesn’t fix your problem, you might need to get a new graphics card altogether!

Method 3: Replace Graphics Card Fans

If cleaning hasn’t resolved your issue and you think replacing your graphics card fans is necessary, don’t worry. It isn’t too difficult and only requires some basic knowledge about how computers work and removing hardware.

If you’ve never attempted to replace graphics card fans before, I recommend first watching a video on YouTube of someone who has done it before and reading an article on how to do so. There is a wealth of information on this subject online that can be found with some quick searching! I even have a video tutorial for changing out your graphics card fan if you want help with the process.

Afterward, check out before purchasing new graphics card fans or anything else for that matter. Buying from a quality seller is not only recommended but also will likely save you money in the long run as you’ll probably spend less time having to fix problems due to inferior parts. It’s reasonably priced and I’ve never had any issues with any of the parts or services on this site.

Method 4: Change CPU Cooler’s Fan Blade

Did you change your CPU cooler recently? It is possible that it might be faulty which could result in loud graphics card fans. Under normal conditions, such a thing should not happen so quickly but mistakes do happen. If you did install a new one and notice that the bearings sound like they’re working incorrectly, stop using it right away to prevent further problems! 

Instead of buying an entirely new CPU heatsink and fan, you might only need to replace some parts instead. Check out several different sources online (eBay, Amazon, Newegg ) for compatible replacements before making your purchase! Make sure they are compatible with your CPU socket type before you buy!

Method 5: Do Nothing and Hope It Gets Better

Sometimes, this is all you can do. Sometimes, graphics card fans just get loud for no apparent reason. Other than checking to make sure the card isn’t too hot (you didn’t put it in a closed space without ventilation did you?), there isn’t much else that can be done. Be sure to check out other articles on my site related to graphics card problems if this doesn’t fix your issue though as there might be another article that does fit your specific problem! So try doing nothing first and see how it goes, hopefully, it’ll get better by itself or at least will not continue getting worse. You might also want to avoid stress testing your graphics card as doing so can cause it to run hotter than normal and thus louder due to the fan working harder.

Method 6: Switch Power Supply Fan

Did you use a cheap power supply or one that is not high-quality? If you answered yes, this might be the problem. Cheap power supplies often lack proper voltage stability which could make your graphics card appear to run incorrectly as well as result in loud or incorrect operation from fans. This does not mean that every single cheap power supply will have these problems, just that it’s worth looking into if all else fails! In addition, some older power supplies were made poorly and therefore tend to fail more quickly!

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