You can easily update the software of your Samsung Galaxy Core Advance for free. Download and install the latest version of the Android operating system. A software update can fix slowdown issues and install new features.

Here we offer you different methods to update Samsung Galaxy Core Advance software.

Back up all Android data before updating your phone.

The phone’s battery must be over 50% and an internet connection must be active before the update is performed.

Software update via parameters

This is the best way to update the software on your Samsung Galaxy Core Advance phone. After updating the software of your mobile phone, you can increase the speed and get new features.

Your mobile phone must have an active internet connection to be updated using this method.

Follow the steps below to update the software on your Samsung Galaxy Core Advance.

This method of updating the software does not delete any data (such as photos, applications, and contacts) on your phone. However, you should back up your phone’s data to avoid data loss.

Software update via recovery mode

If the above method does not work, use this recovery mode to update the software. First, download the latest version of the software for your Samsung Galaxy Core Advance phone and move it to the root folder of the memory or SD card of the Samsung phone without unzipping it.

This method erases all data in the device when you select Clear Data/Factory Reset.

Follow the steps below to enter recovery mode.


Download replacement ROM or firmware

You can download free firmware for your Samsung Galaxy Core Advance phone. Follow the steps below to manually download the ROM or firmware.

Samsung Galaxy Core Advance Flash File Download.


  1. First, go to Samsung’s official website.
  2. Then click Update System and select the region to which your phone belongs.
  3. Then select your phone’s model number and click Download to download the firmware for your Samsung phone.

How can I prevent Samsung from performing updates?

The system or software update cannot be stopped once it has started (i.e., when you click the Check and Install button). And if you force the update, it can damage your phone. We advise you not to try it.

You can stop when the software is loaded.

Why does a software update always fail?

If your Samsung Galaxy Core Advance’s software update fails every time, follow the steps below to fix the problem.


Why does the software need to be updated?

It is advisable to update your phone’s software to the latest version. Software updates often contain software patches. They plug security holes so hackers can’t get into your device.

These are the best reasons why you should update your phone’s software.

  1. To speed up your Android device and fix slow performance issues.
  2. Updating the software keeps hackers at bay.
  3. Provide new features or better compatibility and remove obsolete features.
  4. Protect your phone from the latest threats.

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