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Since Final Fantasy X’s release in 2001, players have been figuring out which of the game’s myriad of armor abilities is truly the best. Though plenty of armors have become fan favorites over the years, some abilities are more useful than others. (There’s no reason to dress Yuna up in Adaman Bangle if the Defense +10% ability isn’t as good as Auto-Potion.) In an attempt to figure out which abilities are best, we’ve tried to categorize them by their usefulness in battle.

One of the most interesting facets of the Final Fantasy X Job System (one of the newest systems in the Final Fantasy Series) is, quite simply, the variety of armor abilities it offers. Rather than simply allowing your character to equip a variety of weapons and armor, the Job System allows you to customize your character in a number of ways, not the least of which is the ability to equipping two armor abilities for each armor slot. This can prove to be a great way to diversify your characters, and, depending on your playstyle, it’s not always better to choose the armor abilities that are part of your characters “class” or “job”

Final Fantasy X was the first game in the series to allow players to equip different abilities on different armor. At the beginning of the game, you can only equip a single ability, but as you progress through the game you can equip more abilities and mix and match them on different pieces of armor, making each character your own. You just have to know which abilities are the best ones and how to get them.

The ability to customize gear with unique abilities was one of the many new features of Final Fantasy X. While the weapon skills have buffs and perks that are more focused on character development and attack, the armor skills help players last in battles and offer various immunities, reactions, and auto-skills. In total, there are over 40 different armor capacities. Of course you will see some during your pilgrimage, but the best ones are hidden in shelters, waiting to be discovered by the most intrepid guards. Let me help you open them one by one.

10. Performance limit violation

As the Atmosphere Grid progresses, there comes a point where your HP reaches a natural limit of 9,999. And all subsequent HP nodes will feel like a waste. Breaking the HP limit uses them all and allows a maximum of 99,999 HP. How to get it: 30 Wings to Discovery will update this capability. If you win the chocobo race in the Remiem temple with three collected chests, you will receive exactly 30 chests. After that, all you can do is bribe the Marlboros.

9. Zombie protection

word-image-6887 A zombie is a condition effect where a character’s healing takes damage. It’s annoying in random battles, but there’s one boss in particular that can make your life even harder because of it. Zombieproof makes you immune to this status and saves you a lot of headaches. How to get it: You need 10 life candles. The easiest and smartest way is to steal them from the fallen monks in the ruins of Zanarkand.

8. Auto-Med

word-image-6888 Condition effects are very nice when you use them, but very little when they are used against you. Being poisoned, blinded, interrupted is very annoying. And there are a number of remedies to help alleviate these conditions. Auto-med selects the right one for the application and does it automatically. No action is required (well, aside from applying this skill to your armor). You can make your life easier by storing funds so that multi-state attacks are not a problem. Where did you get it? We need 20 funds. That makes sense. You can buy them from Wren’s shop once you have full control of the airship, or you can steal them from Marlboros if you need them sooner.

7. Auto Lotion

word-image-6889 Similar to self-help, but with potions. When a character takes damage, he automatically uses the lowest level potion in your set. Fill up your X-Potions, and you will heal up to 9999 with each hit. How to get it: 4 endurance tablets will give you a boost of energy. You can get 60 tablets by unlocking One-Eyed in the monster arena, which should be enough to make all the necessary equipment.

6. Master Thief

word-image-6890 All enemies carry two classes of items: common and rare. Usually, if you’re going to loot them, the percentage is often in favor of the easy way out. Master Sparrow will make sure you only get one rare item. This is no guarantee that you will succeed in flying. But it guarantees that if you succeed, you get the best. How to get it: Win the Hokobo race in the Remiem Temple with four chests to get the 30 minions you need to become a master warrior.

5. Does not occur

word-image-6891 At some point (and this happens to everyone), you start to get bored with the random battles. There is much to discover in Spira. And if you just want to achieve your goal, it can be exhausting to stop every 50 steps to send something to Farplane. The Not Present skill will make sure all demons leave you alone, so your travels will be as peaceful as possible. How to get it: 30 purifying salts give you this skill, and 99 salts you get when you unlock Fafnir in the monster arena. However, an easier way is to fight the ghosts in the cave of the stolen faith. They drop armor that already has the No Encounters armor.

4. AutoProtect

word-image-6892 Protection reduces physical damage in FFX by half. This is a very useful spell. But it is still the best capacity of the car. Once the protection is in place, it can be dissolved or removed. But its protection works forever and is immune to anything that can weaken it. How to get it: You need 70 light curtains. There are many people, but they are found in different places: Stealing the Iron Giants in the Thunder Plains will get you a few coins, defeating Fafnir in the Monster Zone will get you 20 coins, and unlocking Juggernaut will get you 99 coins.

3. Auto Phoenix

word-image-6893 Here is another invaluable concept in combat: bringing fallen enemies to life. With auto phoenix, if one character is stunned, the other automatically uses auto phoenix. Give this ability to all three members of the group and keep a large amount of fluff in your inventory. It will be very difficult to ever see the endgame screen again. How to get it: As it should be, you need 20 mega phoenix. You can get 99 by unlocking Pterix in the monster arena. If you corrupt the spirits in the Cave of Stolen Faith, you’ll also get a few at a time.

2. Waste automobiles

word-image-6894 Haste gives you more turns in combat, giving your opponent less room to maneuver. You pump out Haste and Hastega from the ball grid, which you can use for most of the game. But they wear out and can be moved. Auto-Hast is not possible. She’s with you, no matter what. You fly through battles, and it also has the bonus of setting the delay to zero! How to get it: You get 99 Chocobo wings when you unlock King Cactuar in the Monster Arena, and you need 80 of them for Auto-Haste. King Cactus has two scheduled flights, so it’s easier to sneak and fly until you get what you need.

1. Band

word-image-6895 As in all previous Final Fantasy games, a modest ribbon avoids all state effects. It’s so useful it’s almost impossible and deserves a place on any powerful armor. The only problem is getting enough material to match this power. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it. How to get it: That would require 99 dark matter, and it’s not easy to get. This is the rarest item in the game. You get 99 free items when you unlock the Ultima Buster in the monster arena, but after that you’re completely dependent on the drop. The easiest way to do this is to get a sleep shoot in the arena. Either two teleportation spheres or two dark matter spheres fall, with much less chance in the second case, but it is still the most reliable way.In the world of Final Fantasy, some of the most powerful characters have the advantage of being able to summon powerful beings from other worlds to help them in battle. These summoned beings are called Aeons. While in Final Fantasy X you don’t necessarily have to play with Aeons to complete the game, it is actually possible for you to have some fun with them. In this article, you will read about the best armor abilities in Final Fantasy X, and how to get them.. Read more about final fantasy x armor list and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best armor in FFX?

What is the best armor in Final Fantasy X? This is a question that a lot of Final Fantasy X gamers have asked. The Armor system in Final Fantasy X is one of the best, if not the best, armor systems in any RPG. It is also one of the most complex. Understanding how the system works and how to get the best armor in Final Fantasy X is one of the keys to mastering the game. Throughout Final Fantasy X, you can find various pieces of armor that have certain abilities attached to them. These abilities can make your life much easier, and can even help you defeat bosses. However, FFX is a difficult game, and since not every piece of armor is available from the beginning, you might find yourself in dire need of a certain ability before you have a chance to buy a piece of armor with it. The good news is that you can get nearly every ability in the game just by playing it normally, you just have to work for it. In this post, I’ll tell you how to get every piece of armor with every single ability in FFX.

How do I get ultimate armor FFX?

Final Fantasy X is the tenth installment in the long-running and wildly popular Final Fantasy series, and the game is known for its variety of armor abilities. If you’ve played a lot of Final Fantasy X, or any RPG for that matter, you may be familiar with the concept of armor abilities – they’re special abilities or bonuses that characters can equip by wearing special armor. In the world of Final Fantasy X, there’s a lot of different ways to build your party. Do you go for a balanced group with all the necessary abilities? Or do you lean towards a specific role? A lot of players focus on the latter, but you won’t get very far if you don’t have the proper abilities to back it up. To help you decide on what to focus on, I’ve compiled a list of the best armor abilities in Final Fantasy X and where you can find them.

How do you add abilities to weapons in FFX?

There’s only one way to become strong in Final Fantasy X, and that is to learn new abilities, hunt down the one piece of armor that has it built in, and equip it. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy weapons with the ability you want, which is often expensive. Luckily, with some careful planning, you can get the bulk of the best abilities for free. It’s not easy, but it is do-able. Note that this guide is designed for those who have already completed the game’s Missions (Main Quests). There are other abilities that are given to characters as rewards for completing the Missions. Those are left out of this guide. When you beat the game, you will have gained all the abilities you can that are obtained through the game itself. However, there are a few abilities you can’t get this way. You could go through the game again, but that would be painful, especially if you just beat it. Plus you’ll miss out on most of your other abilities as you won. So what do you do? Well, there is a better way. In order to get these abilities you are going to have to do a little manipulation of the game. It’s not too hard, but it does take a little time.

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