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As the digital era continues to develop, the world is seemingly becoming more and more connected. While we’re still a bit away from the Jetsons’ futuristic vision of the world, there have been significant advancements in technology and a number of industries have made the shift. For example, e-books, music downloads, and even digital magazines are becoming more and more popular. As a result, many media companies like Time Magazine and Disney have been forced to adapt, letting go of their past issues and transitioning towards digital.

The digital age has only just begun. Try looking back 10 years ago, and think about how different your life is now. Think about all the devices you use on a daily basis that didn’t exist back then. We are still at the beginning of the digital revolution and already, so many industries have been changed forever.


If there is one event in recent history that has truly solidified the role of digital technology in business and industry, it is the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a massive global event that has forced people to stay indoors and limit physical interaction with others as much as possible. Needless to say, this has forced many key companies, organizations and government agencies to rethink traditional ways of working together and providing services. Restaurants have had to find more effective ways to market their products while serving their customers. Companies have had to rearrange their traditional offices in favor of more remote locations. Media conglomerates have had to reassess consumer trends in this new market.

Ultimately, this has led to people relying less and less on physical interaction and more and more on the digital space. Many sectors had already gone digital before the pandemic. But as people are quarantined in their own homes, many companies are forced to accelerate the digitization process. As people slowly begin to return to pre-pandemic life, digitization efforts continue. Here are some examples of leading sectors embracing digital technologies.


While many companies still rely on traditional assembly lines, many new manufacturers are using AI and technology in their manufacturing. Robots are primarily responsible for the development of some of the most important technologies used in everyday life today.

Health care

No, we’re not talking about WebMD, where you type a set of symptoms into a search and try to figure out what’s wrong with them yourself. Today, many doctors practice exclusively online, thanks to the advent of numerous websites such as : A smart doctor. It is therefore not necessary to consult a doctor for an examination. It also protects patients from potential health risks that may be discovered in the hospital.


One of the advantages of the internet is that anyone can learn absolutely anything with just a few clicks. There are even those who engage in self-study and go through what is popularly called Google University. But in addition, there are many websites like Masterclass, Skillshare and Coursera that offer reputable structured courses that you can take online. Formal education is no longer limited to the physical domain. This was particularly true during the pandemic, when many schools were forced to adopt virtual educational technologies and paradigms in order to provide services.


Games are another example of a sector that is really taking off in the digital space. Thanks to sites like, it has become much easier for players to play all of their favorite casino games in the safety and comfort of their own homes. Internet gambling is a booming sector with great growth potential. Just being able to play classic casino games on your phone or laptop is a game changer.

Retail trade

Let’s face it. There’s a reason why Jeff Bezos is one of the richest people in the world. What he has created with Amazon has virtually revolutionized retail. Almost everything you’ve ever wanted to buy in a store, you can buy on Amazon. The convenience and accessibility that Amazon offers its customers is unparalleled. And many other retailers are following suit, trying to make themselves more accessible to customers through digital platforms.


Many traditional cinemas have been hit hard by the pandemic. Even before that, despite the boom in the film industry, media giants like Netflix, Amazon and HBO were using streaming technology to consume content. Many of the biggest critically acclaimed films of recent years have been released on these streaming platforms and still received good reviews. Of course, people will continue to come to traditional theaters to see shows and plays. But there is a very large digital media market that continues to grow every day.

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