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Vivaldi has pushed out a new version of its desktop browser, adding a Cookie Consent Blocker, Bookmark improvements, and more. The open-source browser, which was launched in 2016 by former Opera CEO and co-founder Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, added the new Cookie Consent Blocker feature to comply with the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation. The new feature displays a banner when you visit a website with a cookie policy, which you can then accept or reject. Repeat visits to the same site will display the banner again, but you can click a button to avoid it. The new version also has smart bookmarks that are able to automatically categorize the websites you visit, and it has a new Start page that displays your most

Vivaldi 3.8 is out with Cookie Consent Blocker, Bookmarks improvements, and more

Another version of the excellent Vivaldi browser. Version 3.8, the only successor to the classic Opera 12 ideas, brings more control over your bookmarks and also offers major privacy improvements. This version does not include Google’s FLoC and allows you to prevent cookie popups from appearing on the websites you visit.

Vivaldi is the most feature-rich web browser on the market today. Designed by the real professionals behind the classic Opera 12 browser, it gives you an exclusive, convenient and amazing browsing experience that you won’t find anywhere else. There are web panels, page filters, great built-in tools like notes and screenshots, a user interface that really follows your preferences, customizable keyboard shortcuts – we could go on and on with this list.

Vivaldi 3.8 has a built-in option to hide the cookie permission popups. This is part of the built-in feature to block ads and trackers. It uses subscriber lists to block cookies, similar to ad blocking.

Currently, there is no one-click user interface to access these options or manage cookie consent requests, but that is being worked on.

The official communications describe their operation in detail.

Users often have to perform many actions to manage these cookies, including hidden options, dialog boxes on every page, and sometimes even refusing to do anything. This of course leads to some frustration when flipping through the pages.

Users then click the Allow or Accept button without realizing that they are unwittingly giving the trackers permission to create behavioral profiles about them.

Often these clicks take place because the website cannot function without accepting the cookie dialog. Vivaldi believes that this should not be considered consent, and that such tactics should not be allowed at all.

No FloC in Vivaldi

The FLoC component has been blacklisted with this update. This means that it will not be downloaded and will be deleted if it has already been downloaded.

FLoC stands for Federated Learning of Cohorts and, in theory, should improve user privacy by reducing the amount of data advertisers receive and making it more difficult to create a unique identifier for each user. The problem is that the site gets your FLoC group ID the first time you open it and immediately knows everything about your preferences and habits. Moreover, each FLoC group consists of only 1,000 users, so browser fingerprinting technologies get even more data to track visitors.

Transparency of the control panel and the tab bar

In version 3.8, Vivaldi allows you to enable the transparency effect for the tab bar and web panels. There is also a blur effect to give the background a matte look. You can turn this function on or off in the settings.

Bookmark extension

Vivaldi changed the behavior of the Ctrl + D action. If you now press Ctrl + D, no additional dialog box will appear, for example to specify a folder for a new bookmark. Instead, a new bookmark will be created for you immediately. When you click the Bookmark button, a window appears with additional options, including:

  • Quickly filter between regular bookmark folders and speed dial folders.
  • Search for an existing bookmark folder or create a new one directly in the dialog box.
  • Full tree structure with the ability to expand and collapse all folders

Other changes

  • Quick command to disable mouse movements.
  • Quick command to open the Extensions page.

Vivaldi 3.8 download

You can download the installation program from the official website.

Download Vivaldi

You can also read a more detailed list of improvements on the official Vivaldi website.

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